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Concept for Coin Up advertisement?


Coin Up is a mobile donation app that connects qualified nonprofits with donors who share their passion.

It was great opportunity to make an add for company with good intentions. By making big research and analyze the company, I decided to make animated advertisement using needs that are most popular in the Coin Up. 

I combined  motion design with frame by frame animation, introducing problems what our world going through as causes and a character to show how simple this app to use.



  • Animal abuse (dog, cats, wild animals)

  • Hope (hands, bright sun, sky)

  • Hopeless (eyes, crying, darkness, the planet) 

  • Coin ( travel the planet)

  • Shop (Credit card) pay transaction round off amount taking coins for charity)

  • Kids (Child abuse, - Hand stop, ball, playground, school, books)

  • Mobile phone (app)

  • Cancer research ( Heart - medical stop beating- start again after click)- Too serious (do not get sad)

  • -Happy vibe (we have solution)

  • Nature (disaster, plants, water, forest)

  • Challenged athletes ( wheelchair)

  • Poverty (food, no home)

  • Orphans (lonely, no parents, people who take care, no home, no food)

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