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Netflix against piracy

social media ad.


Netflix is a well-known streaming brand, it is popular all around the world but not all countries using streaming sites to watch movies/shows. The piracy sites are still popular around the world. As a Ukrainian person, I know that a big percentage of people prefer to watch movies for free, normalizing it and not thinking of consequences.



Netflix has been fighting piracy throughout the years, and I decided to create an advertisement for a particular audience, people who are still pirating and not a part of the Netflix community. 


This advertisement is for social media and as we know people's concentration span is getting smaller and smaller. I needed to create an engaging ad for 15 seconds.

For video, I took all Netflix movies/shows with main heroes being arrested (in a funny way showing consequences for breaking the law, because pirating is illegal). 

As a transition, I took Netflix's visual brand identity colors and used the state-of-the-art stack approach. I showed an endless catalog of Netflix and gave the idea of people being arrested and concluded with fast-paste design typography. 

It is a funny, fast, and creative approach to fight piracy and advertise a great  Netflix streaming brand.


In the beginning, I tried using only the horizontal transition of the stack, by reviewing it, understood that it will be more engaging to add more variety of transitions.

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