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“Runners aren't Normal”


 Man with Personality! 

New Balance is known for being a diverse brand, the advertisement shows the everyday life of men with interesting, diverse, and unique lifestyles. This adds proving the brand idea that all types of men find comfort in their lifestyle wearing New Balance.


the concept of style frames is Motion in Illustrative style, from the below/foreshortening perspective. in order To understand buyers better, I created personalities for each illustrated man.



25 years old Basketball Player, from Russia. Anton follows a healthy lifestyle, with everything in balance, always on time. Working out every day follows an athletic healthy lifestyle. Represent “Life in Balance. Likes loud electronic music that motivates him to do better. Has no girlfriend because has no time for their personal life. His friends recommended him New Balance and now he is in love with it. 

Anton values the comfort of it that he can wear while playing basketball outside.

17 years old, Break Dancer, from the USA. Ben loves partying, stylish Street cloth, and making music. He is always in the center of attention. Ben enjoys rap music, wants to go to University majoring as a lawyer, and change the world to a better place. He has a strong personality, always reaches his goals.
ben values shoes for their accessible cost, style, and comfort.


70 years old, Lovely, positive, stylish, and very funny man. He is from Germany. Albert is a writer, who writes books about psychology and relationships. He has lots of friends, everyone knows him in town for his great personality and kindness. Loves to ride his bike to keep his body healthy.  Alberts values the comfort in his shoes, which he can daily wear for rides on his bike around the town. He has a wife, grown-up kids, and a grandchild. He loves making surprises for his loved ones. 

Mood Board

Research about shoes and Brand. 

Does age influence their running shoe preference?  And what does influences active people's choice of shoes? Is it the brand, recommendations from friends, reviews?
  • In 2019, an estimated 1.32 million people purchased New Balance sports shoes and trainers in Great Britain. This was an increase of 177 thousand people from the previous year and the highest number of users during the observed time period.

  • Figures include estimated sales by joint ventures and distributors, and cover its wide range of brands that include New Balance, Dunham, PF Flyers, Aravon, Warrior Lacrosse, and Brine. 

  • Year study. Based on a survey of 25,099 U.S. consumers in January, New Balance earned a score of 67.7; followed by Sperry Top-Sider, 66.2; Nike, 65.5; Asics, 65.0; Dexter Shoes, 64.6; Adidas, 63.1; and Reebok, 60.9

  • Citation:

people value in new balance the most is:

Users Values in New Balance

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