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Icecream Factory

This project was created for social media on a popular topic Oddly satisfying video. Oddly satisfying videos are a popular genre of content that can be found on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. These videos typically feature a series of seemingly mundane or repetitive tasks or actions that are performed in a visually pleasing or aesthetically pleasing way.  


I designed and animated the "Icecream Factory" using geometric shapes and a minimalistic structure. The machine design was inspired by Kinetic sculptures whose key characteristic is that movement, which is achieved through a variety of means, such as the use of gears, pulleys, levers, wind, water, or light. The idea of making Icecream came to me from a childhood toy I had Play-Doh Icecream Machine. I still remember how pleasing it was to make icecreams from clay:)  


It was fun creating nice textures and overcoming the challenges of looping every aspect of the movement and making them match perfectly. 



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