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Style Frame 2_edited.jpg
Style Frame 2_edited.jpg


Style Frames for the song


It is always enjoyable to create concept and style frames for a music video. I had an awesome opportunity to create style frames for the song "Bluecid" by Sevdaliza. I was very excited to explore and let the music flow through my creativity. 


I want to create a dream-like atmosphere, using all the different perspectives that dreams could have, changing scale, the appearance of characters, and interesting transitions. For the main colors, I am using red, and blue, white-representing the mysterious and dangerous vibe of the dream.

I create two characters: the singer and the man with a cigarette. For the man's face, I used the appearance of bifurcation, representing something unknown, if he would be in motion he would be never clear until the last scene when his face is visible.

Sevdaliza-BluecidArtist Name
00:00 / 04:30
About the Song 

The track “Bluecid” represents the deep longing of a lover, whose presence only exists in a woman's dream. The guitar strums and beat drops give relaxing vibes, as though making the listener travel in their own lucid dream. Aside from that, the lyrics are simple but hurtful. Those are the kind of lyrics that will get stuck in heads, for everyone seems to have experienced such a thing in real life. The pain is very relatable on this track.

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